Random Sampling and Assignment

 Step 1: Specify the population size.  This is the number of cases from which the sample will be selected.  This number may equal the sample size.  (The maximum number in the population is 100,000.)

Population size =

  Step 2: Specify the sample size, the total number of cases to be sampled and assigned to groups. 

Sample size =

 Step 3: Specify the number of groups to which the cases will be randomly assigned.

Number of Groups =

 Step 4: Indicate whether there there are equal numbers of cases in each group or unequal numbers of cases.  If unequal, the number in each group must be entered in the text box below.  If equal, the number in each group does not need to be entered.

Equal numbers of cases per group.
Unequal numbers of cases per group.  Enter values in text box below.  Key number then key return.  Enter a value for each group.

 Step 5: Click button to draw sample and assign cases to groups.